The clinical and radiological assessment of periodontal bone loss treatment using Emdogain

Tokajuk G, Pawińska M, Kędra BA


Admission: Emdogain is the only one biomaterial using biomicra effect which is practiced in periodontal surgery.
Purpose: The purpose of the study was a clinical and radiological assessment of bone loss treatment using Emdo­gain.
Material and methods: There were 19 persons examined (11 women and 8 men) which have bone loss treated. Initial and monitoring examination after 10 months embraced clinical parameters such as PPD, CAL and radiological – based on intraoral x-ray pictures. Emdogain treatment was made according to surgical procedures.
Results: The research has shown reduction of the depth of periodontal pockets average about 3.4 mm and attachment connective tissue growth about 2.2 mm. Bone loss filling was on 67.1% level.
Discussion: Bone loss filling and growth of connective tissue attachment are in our research lower than in most of the others publications. Our observation concerned 10 months period so we should expect better effects after longer time.
Motions: Emdogain is safe and effective regeneration material.

Key words: Emdogain, bone loss, bone regeneration.