The clinical assessment of mobile teeth stabilization with Fibre-Kor

Tokajuk G, Pawińska M, Stokowska W, Wilczko M, Kędra BA


Purpose: A glass fiber tapes are used in periodontal diseases to stabilize mobile teeth. The purpose of this project was to make a clinical appraisal of teeth stabilization which were using Fibre-Kor splinting.
Material and method: 56 patients 35-67 year old were examined. There were made 162 teeth blocks using Fibre-Kor as reinforcement and Flow-It material as matrix. After 10 months clinical parameters such as: PI, SBI, GI and periodontal pocket were checked.
Results: Periodontal pockets depth decreased average by 0.58 mm after teeth stabilization. Bleeding index and inflammation of gums fall average by 2.55 and 1.95. The average oral cavity hygiene improved and achieved 1.46.
Conclusion: The Fibre-Kor splint is an esthetic and functional solution of mobile teeth stabilization, and is a part of the specialist periodontal treatment.

Key words: periodontal diseases, pathological teeth mobility, splinting, Fibre-Kor.