Multidisciplinary treatment of patients after a surgery due to cancers in the facial area: a clinical reports

Rolski D, Dolegacz A, Górska R, Mierzwińska-Nastalska E


Prosthetic rehabilitation of patients after surgical removal of carcinoma in the facial skeleton is one of the most difficult problems in therapy of the stomatognathic system, due to increasing incidence of head and neck carcinoma. Significant deformations of tissues, development of dysfunctions of the stomatognathic system with concurrent biological unbalance of the oral cavity enviroment are frequently a consequence of the treatment. Cicatricial scars, contraction of the oral crevice and limitation of mobility of the tongue are noted in numerous cases. Deformations of the facial area of the skull and of structures of the temporo-mandibular joint are also the reasons of occlusion and arti­culation disturbances. Two cases of surgery due to carcinoma in the facial skeleton that have required combined and stepwise multispecialistic treatment performed at Department of Prosthetic Dentistry and Department of Periodontology and Oral Disease, Dental Institute, Medical University of Warsaw are presented. The therapy has involved treatment of periodontitis and applying appropriate construction of prostheses that would relieve periodontium and splinting teeth.

Key words: head and neck neoplasms, radiotherapy, periodontitis, multidisciplinary treatment.