New technology in endodontics – the Resilon-Epiphany system for obturation of root canals

Pawińska M, Kierklo A, Marczuk-Kolada G


Purpose: Clinical and laboratory assessment of a new root canal filling material – Resilon-Epiphany system.
Material and methods: In 21 patients, 48 root canals were filled using a single-cone method or lateral condensation technique of gutta-percha with addition of Epiphany sealer. Laboratory investigations were performed on 4 extracted one-root human teeth, which were prepared by means of a crown-down technique and obturated with Resilon-Epiphany using System B and Obtura II. Next, the roots were transversely cross-sectioned in the mid-length at a 2 mm distance from the apex and analysed in SEM.
Results: After a year, the treatment proved to be clinically and radiologically successful in all the patients. SEM analyses revealed good adhesion of Epiphany sealer to the canal walls with visible tags in dentine tubules. Good adherence was also found of Epiphany to Resilon and Resilon to root dentine, but few gaps were also observed.
Conclusions: Our preliminary positive results require more thorough evaluation, longer observation period and a larger group of patients. However, they allow the assumption that resin-percha will successfully replace gutta-percha in the nearest future.

Key words: Resilon, endodontic treatment, seal of root canal obturation.