The evaluation of CPITN index among adults living in Podlasie region

Bagińska J, Wilczyńska-Borawska M, Stokowska W


The aim of this study was to evaluate the condition and treatment needs of the periodontium in adults living in Podlasie region. Checked population was divided into three groups: 18 year old, 35-44 and 65-74 year old. The assessment of the periodontium status was performed on the basis of CPITN index. The study showed that young people usually did not need any periodontal treatment. The predominating treatment need was removing of dental calculus, respectively 7.4% subjects aged 18, 62.5% of second group and 58.7% of the oldest one. 10% persons aged 35-44 and 6.9 % persons aged 65-74 required complex periodontal treatment. The number of excluded sextants grown with aged.

Key words: adult, CPITN, Podlasie.