Comparative analysis of the effect of preparations used in professional fluoride prophylaxis on the chosen parameters of human saliva

Balunowska M, Dąbrowska E, Letko M, Roszkowska-Jakimiec W, Letko R, Jamiołkowski J


Regular supply of fluoride ions to the oral environment is one of the prophylactic actions against dental caries. Fluorides, whose exogenous action combines with saliva properties, condition the anticariogenic effect. Fluoride ions exhibit high chemical activity, can alter the oral environment parameters and inhibit the activity of enzymes.
Purpose: In the current study, the effect of fluoride preparations used in professional caries prophylaxis on chosen saliva parameters was studied. The levels of pH and fluoride ions, and the activity of cathepsin D in human saliva were determined.
Material and methods: Material for analysis contained resting mixed saliva collected before and 1, 4 and 24 hours after the application of Duraphat, Elmex Gel, Fluor Protector, Fluormex Gel and Fluoro-Gel.
Results: The fluoride-containing preparations inhibited the activity of cathepsin D in the way depending on the time that had passed since the application and altered the pH level of human saliva.

Key words: fluorides, saliva, cathepsin D.